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You Talk Trash was created to allow people the ability and freedom to talk and gossip about youtubers, beauty guru’s, gamers and celebrities of all types without being censored. We welcome anyone who wants to gossip and talk trash.

Here are the site rules at You Talk Trash Forums. We have the right to change or alter this list of rules at any time.

  1. No Racism
  2. No Homophobia
  3. No Transphobia
  4. No slurs (racial slurs, gender slurs, sexual slurs)
  5. No informing other members about any illegal activity, such as hacking into emails or other accounts, etc.
  6. No pornography
  7. No leaking personal information of any users on the site.
  8. No fighting with individual members of the forum. Keep it civil.
  9. No posting of addresses.
  10. No physical endangerment remarks